About Us

Hidroşah Hydraulic Machinery was founded in 2003 by Cihan roving. Hydraulic Machines Hidroşah need with over 13 years of industry experience in domestic abroad should progressively adapting to technological developments and at the same time grew our valued customers in the corporate services C.E. According to the standard in order to provide high quality products, we continue to grow, keeping the quality and customer satisfaction.

Vision & Mission

Hidroşah hydraulic machinery production particularly special hydraulic presses including press our wide service network covering the entire manufacturing and specialized technical services with our staff if you should need are serving our valued customers domestic and abroad. Hidroşah Hydraulic Machines fundamental to the success of the enthusiastic, ambitious, motivated team is based on professional responsibility and a leading competitive exceptional team spirit.

Hidroşah Hydraulic Machinery raising the quality of the work and efficiency of the company until today in 2003 should increase the performance of customer engineering experience as well as assistance with information. Hidroşah Hydraulic Machinery industry and strengthen the mission and the structure of the expanded portfolio of industrial machinery industry machine in the world is the way to become a leading company alongside giants. Our valued customers Hidroşah hydraulic machine that faith and as soon as today with our success we have achieved with our production in our portfolio of world-class quality of our products and we name to be tomorrow's leading companies.
The machine 'PARTY' The Power 'HİDROŞAH'

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